Our mission is to add value with your purchase by ensuring your digital purchases are true technology solutions. Today, the technology market is flushed with low cost products from vendors with no desire to support customers or their endeavors. Our business model supports our customers through their endeavors. Again, value is added with your purchase.

As your technology solution provider, we have an enormous list of offerings. We support our customers from the keyboard to the cloud, as a technology sales, training, and consulting provider. Our partnership with numbers technology innovators allows us the resources, training, and ability to provide successful solutions and support services to our customers.

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Why Tech Savviness Is Valuable And Achievable We are living in a day and time that is driven by technology, and keeping up with modern technology is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Using as many systems as possible

WPA2 Vulnerability

Wifi Vulnerability – KRAck – Key Reinstallation Attacks Issue- There has been a significant vulnerability located within the WIFI (Wireless) protocol that exposes all unpatched wireless devices to be susceptible to a “man in the middle” attack. A “man in

Brother Workhorse Series Printers

Brother-Workhorse-printers Please contact us to learn more about Brother Professional Workhorse series printers.  Our professionals will assist you with a free consultation and total cost of ownership analysis. CONTACT FORM Contact us for more information. Name: First Last Email Phone

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